casting foundry Shell and die

Shell casting and die casting in aluminium alloys
Over 50 years' experience in the
Mechanical, Furnishing, Textile, Artistic, Automotive and Food sectors.

Fonderia SALA
Craftsmen since 1960

Our company is a foundry for shell and die casting in aluminium alloys.

The experience and professionalism gained over the last 50 years allow us to meet the needs of customers operating in a wide range of different fields.

We offer a complete service: from the design of the part to the production of the piece ready for assembly, i.e. processed and superficially finished.

The company’s strength lies in its ability to adapt to the changing needs of the market, combined with its ability to keep updated and up with technological innovations.

We also pay particular attention to the wellbeing of the environment and local area. In the 1970s our company was one of the first to adopt electric melting furnaces.


In 2014 Fonderia Sala became part of Teamwork, a group of Lombard companies offering an outstanding production synergy, created in order to combine their individual capabilities and quality excellence. Our aim in this is to approach the German and international market with the right structure and solid credentials.